Spec sheet

A spec sheet or a garment specification sheet is a technical diagram or a sketch of a design and is usually a specific page in a tech pack with the most information. Included in the spec sheet are the diagram, the measurements, and the construction details of said design.

If you do not have your own spec sheet with measurements for your design or idea ready for the consultation or are unable to provide your own, we will take the time to help measure and create a spec sheet with you. This will however incur a fee, in addition to any extra time taken during the consultation.


  Patternmaking is the template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut out and assembled. As fast as how fashion trends change, the backstage of completing a garment is always in the works of improving to be more fit for our new generation. Paper-pattern has been the traditional way of producing a pattern, but SNJ also works with the different CAD systems (Richpeace, Style, and Optitex) to construct it digitally. Optitex Program is the most up to date pattern making software where you can perfect your garment before cutting or sewing with the only solution that combines powerful 2D design and 3D visualization in a single platform.   

muslin fitting / pattern correction

 This is the first time you see your design come to real life and as exciting it is, people tend to have high expectations. Please do not anticipate that your very first prototype will come out to your satisfaction. The first prototype is purely to allow the designer and the pattern maker to focus on construction and fit. During this step, we will ensure your vision has been translated accurately and note any adjustment that needs to be done to perfect your design. 

SAMPLE development

 After your first prototype, the official sample will be created to reflect your production. All the adjustments requested from the first prototype will be applied and we will create your sample for your approval. If there are any adjustments still to be made, depending on the situation we will determine if we will need another trial of the sample or if we can move into production with the edits done solely on the pattern.  


  Marking refers to the process of placing pattern pieces to maximize the number of patterns that can be cut out of a given piece of fabric in order to make garments. We provide a computer software system that helps us to create the optimum fabric layout to suggest so the fabric can be used efficiently. 

  SNJ also provides grading services which means we turn your base size or sample size patterns into additional sizes using a size specification grading increment. The patterns are stored in our database for management, and SNJ will provide the client’s required format for convenience and efficiency. 


 Quality is essential, but it is difficult to find with a penetrable cost. Factories that carry high quality are usually set with an absurd quantity minimum and factories with a low minimum usually lack in quality. SNJ will cope with small or large batch orders in the most satisfying results. After the approval of your sample, SNJ will construct a detailed informative sheet to communicate all the necessary components needed for our sewers.

 SNJ team will work directly with the clients, ensuring intensive quality control. Every sewer has been in the team for many years and they will take each order into special consideration to construct the best product for your brand.